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Since 1995 Amesto Translations has been developing its in-house assessment system in order to ensure cooperation only with the best translators in the industry. Amesto Translations was also the first company in Europe to be certified according to the European standard for translation services, EN15038.

Amesto Translations is always looking to deliver quality assured translations and is classifying all its suppliers of translation services on a 0-4 scale where 4 is best. This is an extensive system, and special resources to actively work with the translators to ensure that the highly set targets are achieved in cooperation have been allocated.

The most capable translators, who hold a class 4 ranking, are offered the opportunity of becoming "AmestoTranslations Certified Partner", thus also gaining access to a quality stamp with the Amesto Translations Certified Partner logo. In order to keep the quality assessment up to date the certification
and the logo will be reviewed on an annual basis.

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